Wednesday, December 30, 2009


So I went to the lush store on Christmas eve to get gift cards for a few people and A strawberry massage bar for myself =x and the girl at the desk gave me two awesome sized samples of two different soaps I've been wanting to try "Rockstar" and "The godmother".....Needless to say I am going to buy huge chunks of both of these very soon. I wrote the websites discriptions of the products under them and they are DEAD on...except i think rockstar smells like cotton candy and the godmother smells like redvine, the perfect sugary sweet scent all GIRLS smell like of course <3

  • Made with fresh crushed strawberries for a sumptuous massage treat! Melt the cocoa and shea butter with your hands or rub it all over your sweetheart to make massaging go smoother. The delectable fragrance of strawberries mixed with hibiscus flower infusion will release for a sensual massage. It's especially wonderful after a shower with Yummy Yummy Yummy, our strawberry shower cream wash with the same delightful fragrance. It's like rolling in a feild of strawberries without the sticky mess...

  • The LUSH fairy godmother came and swooped her silver wand over our best-selling seasonal Snow Fairy shower gel, turning it into bar form and naming it after herself. In case you haven't smelled Snow Fairy, the scent is sweet like fruity pink candies. We'd just like to point out that it does not, however, taste like yummy candies; it tastes like soap.

  • If you are attracted to everything pink, you'll love our best-selling Rock Star soap. Sweet as rock candy, full of white soap stars and scented with vanilla absolute (used in flavouring cakes and ice creams), Rock Star is deliciously soft and creamy. Lather all over to smell of sweets for hours. This decadently rich bar is known to increase singing in the shower, so if you dream of attaining rock star status, best start here.

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