Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy mothers day indeed.

So I woke up today and started off my happy mothers day by eating a boston cream pie toaster strudel, nom nom nom, If thats not a good start to a day I don't know what is! My sweet husband cleaned up for me the whole morning to get ready for the dinner were going to have later tonight with my mum and her boyfriend richard, I got to sit on the couch and paint my nails "OPI - Bubble bath" and that couch is pretty much where I've been until I just got up and made the double layered coffee cake we'll have for desert tonight, I hope it tastes as amazing as it smells, I believe another "Nom nom nom nom" Is in order =) My mother got me the most beautiful card & Faux flowers I have ever seen and I wont be scared my cats or child will eat them...we'll the child might still..he's questionable =P I'm going to post pictures of the flowers and coffee cake with the recipe and possibly some pictures from tonight when everyone gets here. Happy mothers day you beautiful women, I'm so proud of us <3