Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Yesterday I went to the second hand stores in my area...again. If you ask my husband he's going to tell you it's a problem, but I say he just doesn't understand the value of a wondrous treasure hunt and I think from now on as I'm heading out to my ship map in hand and boots full of sand he should just embrace the words of good ole Wendy darling and see me out the door with a kiss and very encouraging "So, peter, you've become a pirate."

1. Three wooden bowls. My mother remembers eating from wooden bowls and seeing her face lite up with nostalgia made me even more thankful that I got them. "99 cents each"

2. An old scotch bottle holder that has brilliant detailing on it and will make a splendid cookie tin :) "50 cents"

3. A pretty large and aged looking brass candelabra that kind of me gives me a regal princess feeling every time i look at it."$2.50"

4. It would seem Cinderella forgot more than her glass slipper, my favorite thing I purchased yesterday was this metal pumpkin carriage with vines reaching out from every angle of it and an adorable door that opens up to a perfect spot for a little candle. I can't wait to see the shadows its casts. "2.50"

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